Speeding fine loopholes

Keep your driving licence – Speeding common loopholes to avoid speeding fines

We all know that the best way to beat speed camera fines and avoid paying speeding tickets is to not speed in the first place! However, you didn’t come to this site to be told that! Many ordinary people get speeding tickets. Maybe they were in a hurry, maybe they just didn’t notice what the speed limit was – or maybe they lent their vehicle to someone else. Whatever the reason, they get the summons through the post and pay the £100 speed camera fines …

Speeding Ticket Loopholes

However, there are opportunities to challenge your speeding ticket or overturn the speed camera fine. Here are some potential loopholes for challenging a speed ticket:

Make sure that all the details on the speeding ticket are correct.

If you get a notification of intended prosecution, make sure it has been sent to you within the 14 day time limit (plus a day or so allowed for post to get to you)

Make sure that the vehicle details and date, time and location of the alleged speeding offence are correct. However a minor typograhical error will not help you.

If it was a speed camera ticket, go back to the place where it happened. Are the speed limit signs correct and legal eg they must be on both sides of the road, are they obscured by trees etc. Take (non-digital) photos if necessary.

If you are sure that you were not speeding you can ask for copies of the photographs and other evidence

Speeding fine loophole – You were not the driver

If you are the owner of the vehicle and get the NIP but think that you were not the driver at the time of the alleged speeding offence, it is your responsibility to make every effort to find out who the driver was and fill in their details on the NIP. If you make every effort but still cannot find out who the driver was, you MAY have a satisfactory defence, but the case will almost certainly go to court. It may be that the speed camera photos will show who the driver was – GATSO photos from the rear are usually inconclusive, but Truveloe photos from the front may be clearer. Failure to supply details of the driver is subject to a 6 point penalty.

If you are alleged to be speeding but not excessively you will be offered a fixed penalty notice which will have a speeding penalty of £100 fine and 3 points on your licence. If you want to contest the speeding penalty you will have to go to court. For alleged offences involving faster speeds you will receive a court summons anyway. If you know you are guilty, you can attend in person and plead mitigation – previous good record, it was a momentary abberation, it will affect your family/ job etc. This may well result in a lower penalty.

If you are going to contest the case: keep all relevant paperwork, get advice before completing the NIP, don’t lie! – it’s perjury. You may want to challenge the speeding ticket yourself or get legal representation from a lawyer who specialises in motoring offences to help you avoid the speed camera fine….

The current UK speeding fine for cases dealt with by fixed penalty notice is £100 plus 3 penalty points..