If you have had an accident that was someone else's fault and you have suffered injury or some other loss, then you could be entitled to compensation. Traditionally hiring a lawyer has been an expensive business and people have not been willing to make the initial outlay of solicitor's expenses with the risk of being out of pocket if the case was lost.


In recent years the "no win no fee" model, that is very popular in the US has become very prevalent in the UK. There are advantages and disadvantages for the client. The main advantages are that firstly if you lose your case, you are not left out of pocket and secondly you will feel that your lawyer will be extra motivated to wi8n your injury claim. If you lose they will get nothing for their work. The downsides are that lawyers fees in these types of cases will make significant inroads into the amount of compensation you get. Also there is the suspicion that some injury lawyers cherry pick the best cases which they have a very high certainty that they will win and not take the cases where they think there is less likelihood of success.

If you think a specialist no win no fee injury lawyer for you will be the best option then it does not hurt to speak to several different personal injury lawyers.

There are many tv adverts for injurylawyers4u and other similar companies and personal injury claims have become big business.

Personal injury claims can be for "slip and trip" accidents, road accidents, assault and health and safety at work failures. Always ensure that you consult a fully qualified UK solicitor.


NOTE: This website is for information only you should consult a qualified injury lawyer





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