Have I Been Caught Speeding?

If you have been flashed by a speed camera and you were exceeding the speed limit then you have probably been caught speeding and will get a speeding fine. However, before you panic there are two things that could be relevant. Firstly which way was the camera facing? If it was a Gatso camera on the other side of the road it could have flashed because someone going the other way was speeding. So best to go back to the “scene of the crime” and see which traffic the camera was designed to catch. Secondly, not all speed cameras have film in them – so you could be in luck. Have i been caught speeding?

I have been caught speeding – what happens next?

If you were flashed by a speed camera then the next thing that happens is that the person who is registered as the keeper of the vehicle with DVLA will be sent a notice that they are legally obliged to complete, which gives the name and details of the person who was driving the vehicle. If you were driving and you are the registered keeper then you will fill in your details. The Notice has to be sent to you within 14 days and you have to return it within 28 days.

If you were driving just a bit over the limit you will probably get a fixed penalty fine which is £100. If you were going much too fast you will get a summons wher your case will be heard in court. If you choose to plead guilty you do not need to attend court yourself.

The maximum fine the courts can impose for someone caught speeding on normal roads is £1000 but 2½ times that on the motorway