Goggles 4 You

Once the preserve of high street opticians, it is now possible to purchase your spectacles online. Of course you will still need a prescription from a professional opthalmologist, but this new way of buying your glasses promises to cut the costs of your spectacles dramatically. There are a number of Companies such as Goggles4U, Glasses Direct, Selectspecs, Spex4Less, Glasses4you, Glasses2you and Goggles 4 U who offer straightforward prescription lenses and frames – cheapest online glasses from just £12.99.

Of course you need to find a pair of glasses that really suit you and you can only be sure of this by visiting a high street shop. However, if you’re looking for spectacles similar to what you have already got, it should be fairly easy to find a pair. Most of the internet retailers have online tools to ensure that your glasses will fit properly when they arrive.

Online purchasing works best for single vision lenses, not bi-focals or vari-focals. However some online retailers have solved this problem by arranging for you to have a home-fitting to ensure that the bi-focals are made up to your exact requirements.

Many online spectacle retailers offer money back guarantees.

You can also safely buy contact lenses online. Again you will need to get a proper prescription, but you can often find the cheapest contact lenses online and save a significant amount compared to high street prices. Amongst the best options available are Specsaver Direct and Lensway.