Cooker Hoods

Ducted cooker hoods provide a cleaner kitchen – as steam, vapour, smoke and odours are quickly and efficiently removed. Your home will automatically benefit – free from unwanted lingering fumes and cooking smells! Many Cooker Hoods are very efficient and stylishly designed. Some are designed as a cooker chimney, others are integrated into kitchen units.

Hoods are an incredible help in removing cooking smells, vapours and condensation and many are very quiet. As a general rule you will mainly use the lower and mid speeds during normal cooking and resorting to maximum speed when dealing with emergencies -such as burning the toast! Maximum speed is sometimes necessary when using all burners or when griddling meats. For most cooker hoods you can check against each model, the noise levels and the performance in cubic metres per hour for each motor speed to assist you when making comparisons. The performance of a hood is extremely important and is normally measured in in cubic metres per hour i.e. how much air is moved. Most cooker hoods have hotplate illumination and some have grease filters that can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. These types of grease filters do not have to be replaced, they are designed to last the life of the cooker hood. Epert installation of domestic and commercial appliances is available from Thermalight Gas services.

Whilst some hoods can be used in recirculation mode, it is always preferable to duct the air to the outside. Air is drawn into the hood, fats are trapped by the grease filter and odours, fumes and condensation are then expelled to the outside atmosphere.
Recycling is only advisable when it is impossible to duct to the outside. When using a hood as a recycling model, air is drawn into hood, fats are trapped by the grease filter, the air then passes through charcoal filters to help absorb cooking odours, the purified air is then recycled back into the kitchen. It is realistic to assume that using a hood on recycling mode will circulate at least 30% less air than by ducting out – this is because the charcoal filters will restrict a certain amount of airflow. Charcoal filters are an optional extra and will require replacing at least every six months or earlier with frequent use. If a hood is used on recycling mode it will help reduce cooking odours but will not reduce steam or condensation.