Claiming for whiplash

If you are involved in a motor accident and suffer from any form of injury then it is important that you ensure that the police are called to the incident. This is a legal requirement and if you later make a claim for injuries without having called the police at the time of the accident then this could count against you. However, if the symptoms appear later on then this may put a different complexion on things.

In any event it’s really important that you go to your your GP as soon as possible so that you can get you injuries checked out and the appropriate treatment can be prescribed. If you are going to make a whiplash claim then you will probably need to make an appointment to see a specialist. Your insurance company or solicitor will advise you as to how to do this.

Can you make a whiplash claim if you were not wearing a seatbelt?
The answer to this is yes you can. However, you should expect that the court will decrease the amount of compensation payable to you as a recognition that you were partly to blame.

If you were driving your car and the accident was someone else’s fault, it may be that your policy will cover you for making an injury claim and that a solicitor will be provided for you. If not it is important that you find a good whiplash solicitor who can help you with your claim. Many solicitors in these types of cases operate on a no win no fee scheme and the legal costs are added to the amount of compensation due to you.