Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is great for keeping cool on those hot sticky summer days (and nights!) and cheap, portable air conditioning units don’t need to cost the earth! The cost of the cheapest air conditioning unit is about £230, will cool a 25sq m room and will give years of useful life. Of course you might want to go for a permanent fixed unit which will normally be more powerful and cost from £500. They can be fixed to vent through a window or through a hole in the wall. To cool a normal room measuring about 14′ x 12′ will require a 9000btu unit. The larger the room, the more powerful airconditioning unit you will need.

Keeping Cool

You can keep your room cool by keeping the curtains and windows closed when the sun is shining through the windows. If you have aircon, keep the windows closed while the unit is in use. Heat rises, so often, the warmer rooms will be near the top of the building. For short term use, mobile air conditioning units can be hired.