A Vietnamese Paradise for Holiday

When the word Vietnam is mentioned, the images that come to mind for many people is a country marred by war, as has been depicted from several Vietnam War Films. However, you will be very surprised to discover that Vietnam is a great tourist destination, boasting rich history and rich architecture, verdant rustic landscapes, and very hospitable locals. Yes, the locals have put hostility behind them and today embrace and welcome their visitors, ready to share the rich architectural and cultural heritage that has kept the country going.

War remnants, such as the famous Cu Chi tunnels located near Saigon, are a great example of what the locals have preserved for tourists and visitors to come and witness. So, when you are ready to take on the world and explore what Vietnam has in store for you, one thing that you should do before anything else is to leave your preconception of Vietnam back at home. Get to Vietnam with a fixed mind of being ready to explore what a beautiful country, regardless of its past, has in store. Whether it is the jungle river ways found in the Mekong Delta, or the untouched French architecture that adorns Hanoi, rest assured there is something for everyone in Vietnam.