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Windows 8 How to print pdf

Windows 8 can involve quite a steep learning curve for those who have been brought up on XP and Vista. Windows 8 has a very nice pdf viewer that, by default will open your pdfs when you click on them as an Outlook attachment. The problem is, search as hard as you may, there is no obvious way to print your pdf in the Windows 8 pdf viewer. Right click on the screen and it brings up some options but printing the pdf is not one of them.

Pdf2print for Windows 8

One option may be to install otgher software such as pdf2print or Adobe Reader. Butr that really isn't necessary. All you need to do is with the pdf open go to the Carms Bar - hover over the top righ corner and it will come up. Then click on "Devices" and it will bring up all your printers. Click on the printer and you will find options for number of pages, which pages to print etc. Click print and away you go!


If there is a fault with the printer you will get a message telling you to go to the desktop to view the fault. This may occur if there is no paper, a paper jam or you are using refilled cartridges.