Standard Life Demutualisation Shares - Should I Keep, Buy or Sell my shares?

Following demutualisation, Standard Life shares (code SL.L) stabilised well above the offer price of 230p and briefly reached a high of 357p. Those who did not cash in their shares immediately saw their share price rise. On average the analysts suggested that the shares are a "hold". In other words, they think it's not worth adding to your existing shares but there was no urgency to sell. In the November 07 report earnings were below expectation but the shares held firm at 292p. Since then the shares increased steadily (with the occasional blip) to around 340p. With the credit crunch Standard Life shares have fallen in line with the market generally. Continued problems have seen the shares sit at around 175p. If you think you have been mis-sold PPI you can claim back your payments using this claim form.

What are the benefits of keeping my shares ?

If you keep your shares there are potential benefits. Firstly the share price may go up (although of course it may go further down!) and secondly you will expect to get an annual dividend. The first Standard Life dividend was paid in June 2007.


How do I sell Standard Life Shares?

If you decide to sell, many online brokers provide a cheap selling service at around £10 - £12 per deal.

Time to cash in your Standard Life Endowment?

NOTE: This website is for information only and should not be relied on for making financial decisions. You should check out the information and get advice from Standard Life or your IFA.





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