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Solar Panels

The Green Alternative
Solar energy is the green way to heat your home, with solar panels on your roof. There are two main types of system. Those to heat your water and those to also provide all your electricity (photovoltaic cells). In general the UK has enough sun for both these systems. The ideal being for them to be sited on South facing rooves at a 30 degree angle. Solar panels to heat hot water will probably provide enough energy to provide ½ the annual requirement for the average home.


How much will Solar Panels save me?
Savings will depend on a number of factors such as installation costs and how much your current bills are. Savings may take several years to kick in although grants of £400 towards installing solar panels can be available. The cost of installing solar panels will vary depending on your property. To supply all your electricity, it will take longer to recover the initial outlay. As hot water solar panel systems are cheaper to install, you can recover your outlay more quickly. Don't just go with the first salesman who offers you an "unbeatable offer" that you need to sign up to today. Get several quotes. There certainly are savings to be made using solar energy, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment!


Online purchasing works best for single vision lenses, not bi-focals or vari-focals. However some online retailers have solved this problem by arranging for you to have a home-fitting to ensure that the bi-focals are made up to your exact requirements.

Many online spectacle retailers offer money back guarantees.

You can also safely buy contact lenses online. Again you will need to get a proper prescription, but you can often find the cheapest contact lenses online and save a significant amount compared to high street prices. Amongst the best options available are Specsaver Direct and Lensway.