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ownload a PPI Claim Template

PPI ClaimsMany people are not aware that most PPI claims services take a percentage of the money reclaimed as their fee. A recent survey shows that fees tend to range between 12% and 25% of the money recovered. Effectively they are getting a cut of YOUR money.


In many cases it is totally unneccesary to employ a claims company to make the PPI claim on your behalf. A simple letter to the loan provider is all that is needed with some basic information such as the name of the provider, your name and address, the date of the contract and details as to why you think that the PPI has been mis-sold

Was PPI mis-sold?

Not all Payments Protection Insurance has been mis-sold. By and large you only have a valid claim for instance if you didn't need it, didn't want it, weren't told you had it or were told that it was compulory.

PPI Claim Template

You do not have to write to the PPI supplier in any specific format. However the financial ombudsman has provider a PPI claim form that people can use. Alternatively you may want to write a letter using the PPI claim template below - just copy and paste the template and fill in the appropriate sections.


[Your name and address]


[Name and
address of the PPI provider]

Dear Sirs,

Account number: [Insert Your account number]

I am writing in connection with the above payment protection (PPI) policy which I believe was mis-sold to me.

I believe you have not treated me fairly as [You can add information here as to why you think it was mis-sold]

Unless you can prove that the policy was fair and reasonable and that I was treated fairly when I was sold the insurance, I am claiming a full refund of all premiums together with subsequent interest on these payments, that I have paid in relation to this policy. I also expect 8% interest to be added to each payment I have made as this is the statutory amount a court would pay.

I look forward to your full and prompt response to this letter. If this matter is not settled within eight weeks of the above date I shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint.

Yours faithfully,

[Your signature]

[Your name]


NOTE: This website is for information only and is not intended to give specific advice. If in doubt about any legal matters you should consult a specialist financial lawyer