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Should You Make a PIP Implant Claim?

PPI ClaimsMany women who have had pip implants are concerned as to whether they should have the implants removed, replaced or just leave them and as to whether they are entitled to compensation. The Government has put in place certain guidelines in respect of women who had their pip implant procedures on the NHS


If your procedure was carried out on the NHS then you should contact your GP and the removal or replacement will be carried out free by the NHS.

The NHS are not providing a free service to replace faulty or potentially faulty PIP implants provided by private clinics. In this case you should contact the clinic concerned and arrange for a consultation with them. Be aware that they may charge for the consultation and for any extra procedure required.

Not all implants were manufactured by the French company PIP. It is only these implants that are the subject of these particualr issues. If you are unsure you should contact the clinic to find out.

You should check out with a specialist claims lawyer at an early stage whether you may have a valid PIP implant compensation claim. You may have a claim against the clinic for worry and distress you have suffered plus any losses you have suffered such as having to take time off work.

The NHS has provided a helpful guide answering most questions about PIP implants. It should be noted that although there had been some problems, not all are faulty. The findings of an expert committee were that it was not necessary for all implants from this manufacturer to be removed although the NHS will do so on request. If your clinic refuses to take action then you should consult a qualified solicitor.