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Here are 10 of the most well known and oft quoted and sometimes misquoted quotes of all time

Contact Lenses Direct on the Internet

Many people still buy their contact lenses from the High Street, not knowing that they can buy exactly the same lenses from reputable suppliers such as Specsavers.

You are legally entitled to keep your prescription when you get your eyes tested, and so can get your lenses from another supplier, either in the High Street or on the Internet. In fact, so succesful have the internet suppliers been that specsavers now have a "specsavers direct" website in order to compete.

Many of the high street outlets put their name on products manufactured by other companies, so you'll be getting identical products at a cheaper price. So if you are looking for Accuevue or Easyvision, daily disposables or monthly lenses, you can find them on the internet and make considerable savings.

You cannot save on the cost of your eyesight checkup, but you can save on the cost of lenses and solutions