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Standard Life

There are still quite a few people around with Standard Life shares from when they demutualised a few years ago.

Is it the right time to sell standard life shares? Who knows! They've not performed to brilliantly since privatisation, however it's been a tricky market in general during that time. Sell Post Office shares


If you think you have a valid PPI claim, check out our PPI Claim Template and inforamtion about PPI claims companies


Become a Driving Instructor

Whenever unemployment starts to climb, people are made redundant and jobs are harder to come by, people start thinking about training to become a driving instructor. Adverts on the TV promising a high income lure people in to thinking that it's an easy way to make money. Beware - the training is not easy, the examinations are difficult and the vast majority of people who set out on the road to becoming an instructor don't make it. And then, when you've qualified there's no guarantee of a good regular income. Find out more


With the ever increasing number of speed cameras on our roads, there is an ever increasing nuber of people getting speeding tickets. There are websites that appear to make it very easy to escape getting a speeding fine. It's not actually that straightforward. However it's clear that some speeding tickets are not issued correctly. If, as in one case a vintage tractor with a top speed of 8mph can get a speeding ticket, then there are clearly other situations where tickets are wrongly issued. Check out our speeding guide for more information


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