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Zune is the delicious Microsoft competitor to the Apple ipod. Launched in the USA in November 2006 at around $250 it is available in 3 colours with a 30gb hard drive. Officially, Zune is not available in the UK or Europe but unofficial imports of the Zune are available and some stores are taking Zune pre-orders. The zune isn't just another mp3 player. As well as being an audio and video player, it has wifi capability and is part of a suite of products in much the same way as the ipod with itunes. There are also gaming capabilities. You will be can download songs at Zune Marketplace. Screenshot of marketplace here.

The latest Zune version is Zune 2 with a new range of colours and wider range of hard drive sizes.

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Micosoft have struck a deal with EMI to preload music content onto the zune player before the customer purchases the player. Further deals with other music companies are believed to be in the pipeline as well as a tie in with NME. As well as normal music downloads the player has peer to peer ("dj-ing") sharing capability.

In terms of design, the zune looks a lot like the ipod with a slightly larger screen and what appears to be a scroll wheel, although these are actually buttons in a scroll wheel design. Colours initially are black, chocolate and white, with further Zune colours to be announced later.

Few people outside Microsoft see this as a serious competitor to the Apple ipod. Instead it is more likely that it will be other major mp3 player manufacturers such as Creative and Iriver who will feel the squeeze.

Numerous Zune accessories are now available in the UK. These include screen protectors, carry cases and zune car chargers

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