stairsThere are a number of stair lift manufacturers and suppliers, the most famous of which is the British company Stannah. Other suppliers are Acorn with their patented superglide stairlifts, Caremore, Help the Aged and Stairglide.

Stairlifts are available that can go up a straight flight of stairs, round corners and up curved staircases. Never be pressurised into making a purchase by sales staff or "special offers". Take your time and compare different stairlifts from different companies. Inevitably a site assessment will need to be made to assess whether a particular stairlift is suitable for your home, and anything that may be a potential installation problem. A stairlift is a substantial investment so make sure you get the right one. Don't be pressurized by pushy salesmen.

Most stairlift manufacturers offer a range of colours and designs and many can send you swatches as well as brochures. Many stairlift suppliers such as Stannah require a 25% deposit when you place the order. Stannah also offer an outdoor stairlift.